Dear guests, we have prepared this menu specially for celiacs and hope you enjoy it.
Our staff is prepared and cualified to provide you this service, to which we give our outmost attention and respect.
You can choose any dish from the main menu that doesn’t have the allergen number 6.


Tomato soup€4,90
Onion soup with bread€5,80
Vegetable soup€5,80
Focaccia with Olive oil and rosemary€5,90
Focaccia with Cheese€6,50
Focaccia with rocket and parmesan€7,90
Melon with ham€8,40
Shrimp cocktail with avocado€8,90
Carpaccio of fillet steak€11,90
Carpaccio of salmon€11,90
Grilled Provolone€8,50
Clams and mussels Tarantina€15,50

Our pasta

4 Cheeses€10,80
'Antica' with king prawns, shrimps and tomato sauce€14,80
Clams (white sauce)€14,80
'Paolo' with chicken, zucchini and cream€10,50
Filet steak, cherry tomatoes and rocket€12,90


All our salads are without gluten. You can choose any from our main menu.


The pizza bases are homemade without gluten.
Choose the pizza you want from our main menu.

Our rissotos

Black Risotto with king prawns€14,80
Risotto with beef fillet, rocket and Parmesan€13,80
Risotto with mushrooms and black truffle€13,80
Risotto with vegetables and Parmesan€13,80
Risotto with seafood€16,80


Mixed grilled meat platter€17,50
Grilled fillet steak€17,90
Grilled fillet steak with green peeper sauce€18,90
Grilled fillet steak with mushroom sauce€18,90
Grilled fillet steak with Gorgonzola sauce€18,90
Grilled fillet steak with spicy pepper sauce€18,90
Grilled chicken breast with mushroom sauce€12,80
Pork fillet steak with mushrooms and Marsala sauce€15,90


Mixed grilled fish platter€18,00
Seabream fillet with wine and lemon sauce€15,50
Grilled salmon€14,90
Grilled salmon with green pepper sauce€15,90
Sea bass fillet with shrimps and
clams in a white wine sauce
Cod with red pepper sauce (spicy)€14,80
King prawns with white Lambrusco sauce€14,80

Side dishes to choose with Meat or Fish

  • Chips
  • Baked potatoes
  • Boiled potatoes
  • Vegetable and Rice