Cold Starters

Melon with parma ham€10,50
Shrimps cocktail with avocado€11,50
Carpaccio of fillet steak€14,50
Carpaccio of Salmon€14,50
Platter of italian cold meats and cheeses€16,80

Warm Starters

Focaccia (Pizza bread with garlic)€6,90
Focaccia with olive oil and rosemary€7,50
Focaccia with Mozarella cheese€8,00
Focaccia with rocket and slices of Parmesan cheese€9,50
Bruschettas with tomato and basil, mushrooms and Provolone€7,50
Grilled provolone cheese with forest fruit jam€10,80
Crêpes with sea bass€14,80
Aubergines a la Parmesana€13,90

(minimum 20 minutes)

Clams and mussels a la 'Tarantina'€17,90
Bread and extra Grissini€1,20

7% I.G.I.C. included